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Embed Online Tests in your webpage


What is an embedded test and when to use one?

Embedded online tests are delivered right out of your main website. There is no need to redirect a website visitor to somewhere else just to take a test. There are 2 main types of embedded tests. 
iFrame embedded tests - ideal when you do not want to do much work on your website to embed the test.
  1. Tests delivered right out of your own domain - ideal when you want to promote your brand even further.
Zoho Challenge can support both varieties of tests. The iFrame embeddable tests are available right from the free plan and are very convenient though.

The rest of this article talks more in detail about online tests embedded as iFrames.

How to embed an online test

Once you have created your online test, added questions (and if need be sections) to it, you are all set to publish your test. There are scenarios when redirecting your candidate to challenge.zoho.com/<your account url> to start a test suffices completely. However, it is not the best solution for business and organizations that want to give a fairly seamless experience to their end users, aka candidates.

Zoho Challenge 2.0's  embed online tests feature comes in handy here. Your target users can visit your website and as part of browsing the site, they can take an online test and assess how they fare.

This page describes how to embed an online test in your website. And yes, this technique will allow you to embed your online test in Zoho Wiki and Google Sites too.

Step 1: 

Choose a test you created.

Step 2: 

Choose the "embed" option

Step 3: 

Copy the iFrame URL. Please read Step 4 - to understand customization options

Step 4: 

Configure options including
  1. Width and height of the iframe (you can change this to suit the look and feel in your website. The actual test will intelligently occupy either maximum available width (if the iframe width chosen is small) or maintain to an acceptable width (if there is generous real-estate inside the iFrame).
  2. Hide / Show timer: Zoho Challenge is equipped with a count down timer that helps indicate to candidates how much time they still have left when taking the test. This is an approximate value and the actual time left is kept at Zoho Challenge server end. Though an approximation, it is rarely off by more than milliseconds and is a good indicator for candidates.
  3. Advanced Navigation options: If turned on, candidates get the navigation buttons to navigate between sections, unanswered questions and even questions marked for review.


Here are some questions we anticipated you might have

Can I embed this test in Google Sites?
Yes - you can - learn more

Can I control when the embeded test starts and ends?
Yes. The embeded test uses the same permissions, start time, end time, pass percentage etc as the test that it is helping embed.

Can an embeded test contain questions at random?
Yes. Since the embeded test is basically the same test, it can contain all question varieties and randomness that are applicable to a normal test

Can I customize the look and feel (like background color, logo) of an embeded test?
This feature is not available right now. We hope to have this feature and more shortly. 

Paul Deen 1290 - days ago 
Can I customize the look and feel (like background color, logo) of an embeded test?
This feature is not available right now. We hope to have this feature and more shortly.

The above feature is in desperate need !!!!!!!
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