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Comprehension Passage Style Questions


Zoho Challenge is one of the few online quiz software that supports comprehension passage based questioning. With this feature, you can now create questions involving interpretation of graphs (GI), Data interpretation (DI), passage based questions. Let us dive in and learn more about Comprehension questions.

The Anatomy of a comprehension question differs from that of a normal question in that a comprehension question paves the way for several related questions to follow. This section will walk you through creating and delivering a comprehension question.

Creating a new comprehension question:

Currently the only way to create a comprehension question is within the Question Bank tab. A comprehension question cannot be created when creating a new test.

New Comprehension - In order to create a new comprehension passage, click on the Question Banks tab and hit the New Comprehension button. The comprehension form will appear.

Title for passage: You can fill this field with a relevant title to the comprehension passage. This will be displayed prominently when you pick the question for a test. So choose a descriptive value that will suit your need.

Comprehension passage: You can fill this area with your actual comprehension passage. You can choose to fill it with plain text, or add a graph or even multimedia content like YouTube videos by clicking on appropriate buttons in the editor.

Save and Add Question: Once you have completed the comprehension passage, hit the Save and add question button to add a question under the comprehension.

Save and Add Question: Use this when you are done with adding questions for the particular comprehension passage

Reset: Clear the passage and start over again.

View and edit an existing comprehension passage:

To view the complete list of comprehension questions in a question bank, choose the Comprehensions tab (not the "New Comprehension" button)

Hit the  icon to edit the comprehension passage
Hit the  icon to delete the comprehension passage from the question bank. However, be careful about this operation since all the sub questions associated with the comprehension passage will be deleted too.

You can see the total questions under that specific comprehension in the far right.

Add and edit questions under an existing comprehension:

Click on the title of the passage under which you need to add a question from the above screen. A page, similar to the following, will appear:

Click the Add Question button to add a new question under the comprehension paragraph.

Hit the   icon to edit the existing question
Hit the  icon to delete the question

Comprehensions in test view:

Comprehensions are expanded by default when taking a text. The questions can be found by scrolling below the passage.
The candidate can click the Passage link at any time from any comprehension question to view the passage again.

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