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Anatomy of a Question


Questions are the core part of any online test. In Zoho Challenge, Questions are always stored in a Question Bank and used (repeatedly) in tests.

Note: Zoho Challenge also supports Comprehension passage type questions. This page only covers single questions. You can learn more about comprehension questions here.

Anatomy of a Question:

Several Core features of Zoho Challenge depend on the attributes of a Question. Let us learn more about the salient properties of a Question. This is how a Question looks like:

  1. Intuitive Question Editor - here you can not only write richly formatted text, you can also insert links, embed images, audio and video files.
  2. Question Types - You can choose whether the question should be a multiple choice or a single choice or a true / false type question or even a descriptive question. You can also accommodate multiple fill up the blanks questions. All at the convenience of a single click
  3. Points: You can assign points for each question. These points are useful during auto and manual evaluation.
    Tip: You can also use points to refine how random selection for question papers.
  4. Question type specific fields: Read more about them here
  5. Answer Key / Comment: Ideally an explanation depicting the correct answer and the reason to pick.
    Tip: Will help maintain consistency during manual evaluation - so provide these details for Descriptive and fill up the blanks question types
    Even for other question types, providing answer key will help candidates will be able to understand why they went wrong.
  6. Tags: Tags are used to qualify a question. For example, a question could be tagged "easy" or "hard" or "medium" and a question paper can pick 10 easy questions and 1 hard question. Refer the discussion in Zoho Challenge's forums for another live example of how to use tags
    Tip: You can use tags to refine how random selection for question papers.

Question Type Specific Fields:

Multiple / Single Choice:
  1. Choices (1 to 6 max) - The choices a user can choose as their response for this question
  2. Allow candidates to choose multiple choices for this question - when checked, a user can choose multiple answers. During auto evaluation, the system will provide full marks only when all the correct choices and none of the wrong choices are provided
    Tip: If this option is checked, each answer choices will come up with a check box (), so the candidate can choose many answers.
    When unchecked, each answer choice will have a radio button (), thus only one choice can be selected.
  3. Allow 'Other' as a choice (candidates can provide their own answers) - when checked, user can [optionally] enter a choice that is different from the list of choices given.
    Note: If "other" option is chosen, then the question needs to be manually evaluated.

True / False:
  1. Candidates need to choose one of a True or a False for an answer
Fill up the Blanks:
  1. Multiple Blanks (1-6 max) - Candidate can fill up these answers
    Tip: Leave a series of underscores "_" characters in the question - indicating where the fill up actually occurs. This will help while answering
There are no special fields for descriptive.

    Note : If you edit a question in any test, the change will be affected on future question papers only. It will not affect the already created/attended question papers.

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